Arz Kiya Hai ! ” JIPL OPEN MIC

Date : 1 JULY, SUNDAY,2018

Time : AT 3 PM UTC+05:30 – 7 PM UTC+05:30

Venue : The yellow chilli

Organizer : JIPL

Contact No. : +91 6376259804

Event Summery

अर्ज़ किया है
शाम-ए-खास का दीदार कीजिए
आइए !
अपनी कलम का कलाम पेश कीजिए!
Hello Folks!
We are here with “YOUR THEME”where it’s you who’ll decide what you wanna speak something that
you feel connected with.
This eve is dedicated to you.
We would be extremely delighted, if you’ll take your time and join us.